For those of you that care 😊…
I went back to work last Tuesday. I wasn’t mentally, physically, or emotionally ready, but I had to do it.
Thursday morning, at 3:07 am I was in the worst pain of my life. Sharp pains, similar to contractions, were shooting through my uterus. I vomited from the intensity of the pain. It was rough. I woke my mother up to take me to the ER. She convinced me to take Naproxen and wait until the urgent care facility opened. Naproxen usually doesn’t work for the pain I have with my reproductive issues, but it put me to sleep long enough to forget about my pain momentarily. When I woke up I realized that the urgent care place and my OB/Gyn’s office both opened at the same time. I opted to try to see if my doctor could see me. He could!! My pelvic congestion syndrome was at work, causing my uterine pain. Surgery can’t fix that, so until I have a partial hysterectomy, I’ll have occasional pain. Since my bf isn’t ready to have children yet, my doctor prescribed low dose birth control pills to be taken continuously (instead of taking placebo tablets, I start a new pack) so that I don’t get a period, and therefore hopefully won’t have uterine contractions. We’ve tried this before, back in 2013. I was on the birth control pills along with the Depo Provera birth control shot. Somehow, my period still found a way to come on. Hopefully it works this time, especially since it’s temporary. Prayers up. Thank you all.


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